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Professional Assistance Filing Workers’ Comp Claims

Under the California Workers’ Compensation Act, all employers are required to assist with an employee’s recovery after suffering an injury on the job. Unfortunately, insurance companies have gone above and beyond to insist that a vast majority of these claims are fraudulent. This is simply not true and is an unscrupulous marketing tactic used to diminish public opinion of workers’ compensation.

The California state Department of Insurance has consistently reported that the annual number of fraudulent cases account for less than one percent of all workers’ comp claims in a year. Nonetheless, workers filing these claims are placed under tremendous scrutiny, and often denied their rightful benefits.

Rosen Law Offices’ knowledgeable Dana Point workers’ compensation lawyer not only helps clients fill out workers’ comp forms accurately but also puts pressure on the insurance company in the appeals process should a claim be denied.

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Workers’ Comp Forms

After reporting your injury to an employer, they should provide you with the proper forms to file for workers’ compensation. If not, you can receive them from theCalifornia Department of Industrial Relations website.

In California, workers’ compensation paperwork includes:

  • A document cover sheet
  • The DWC-1 Claim Form
  • An Application for Adjudication of Claim
  • A Declaration Pursuant to Labor Code 4906(g)

These forms can be confusing, and making a mistake could mean your benefits are delayed or completely denied. Our team can help you fill out the paperwork properly and review the completed forms. The majority of workers’ comp claims are denied upon initial submittal, but with an experienced attorney’s assistance, you greatly increase your chances to file successfully the first time.

If you had an attorney assist you with the initial claim and it was denied, it is in your best interests to file an appeal. In many cases, the insurance company denies legitimate claims to see if they can get away with it. Speak to your legal counsel and have them help with the appeals process.

Reach Out to Rosen Law Offices for Help With Your Claim

Our Dana Point workers’ compensation attorney has 10 years of experience dealing with personal injury matters. We know how hard it is recovering from an injury and tirelessly fight for our clients so that they can receive the medical treatment they deserve. No one should feel pressured to go to work after an injury out of concern for their financial stability. Workers’ compensation laws were created so that you can recover both physically and mentally.

Call (949) 536-9002 today, even if your claim has been previously denied. Most workers’ comp claim appeals are successful with the right help!